GainX aggregates your data in real time and delivers one source of truth across people and projects.

Know the possibilities. Drive smarter decisions.

Latest News & Awards

  • gainx-fintech-nomination-2017GainX nominated for 2017 AI Company of the Year

  • screen-shot-2016-09-21-at-3-05-20-pm

    Recognized as one of Silicon Valley's most disruptive companies.

  • Discovery 2015 OCE

    Selected as a Top10 Fintech Company at OCE Discovery 2015.

  • UKTI Global Entrepeneur ProgramNamed “leading disruptive, innovative emerging company in the UK”.

GainX Delivers


Unprecedented visibility across your resources and projects, delivered through intuitive, responsive dashboards.


Consistent, data-driven measures delivered in real time. No vanity metrics. No “fake progress” reports. No apples to oranges.


GainX machine learning combined with advanced network design theory brings you actionable insights and unparalleled communication capabilities for focused engagement.


The time needed to deliver transformation projects is significantly reduced for a real competitive advantage. Cost of delivery is hacked by 50% or more.

GainX Projects™

CSuite and management dashboards that effectively aggregate your important projects across strategy, ops, corporate governance, regulatory and innovation portfolios. GainX Projects provides responsive, real-time reporting on risk, dependencies, change, and resources, giving you one source of truth into what progress really looks like. Decisions and changes are effectively communicated in real time, as they are taken.

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GainX People™

GainX helps you expand or restructure your resource base, whether by 10 people or 10,000. Aligning projects and people in real time (like nothing else can in the market), GainX uses advanced network design theory and machine learning to assure each company you acquire is optimized, and each project you create has the best resources. Gain insights into skills and capabilities, resource availability, enhanced team structures, and organizational health. You can optimize and restructure priorities without putting additional risk on your strategic portfolios.

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GainX Possibilities™

Nothing sees as deeply or widely into your organization as GainX Possibilities. Not sure which strategic project to undertake next? An acquisition? An investment? A development project? Our Blue-Sky features allow you to assess opportunity, risk, leadership and organizational health—and much more—so you can make smart, fast decisions and keep your edge in the market.

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