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GainX is a tech suite for Executives.

Blending AI with Social Network Analysis, Natural Language Processing, Behaviourial Economics, Portfolio, Financial, and Risk Management analytics, GainX delivers unparalleled insights, predictions, and Executive decision support for managing complex strategy

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The GainX Competitive Advantage

There is pressure on every executive today to do more, faster, with less. Our AI dashboard is designed to deliver against this urgency – dramatically reducing complexity, costs, and risks while doing so. GainX already drives millions in savings in the world’s biggest institutions



For every 1,000 projects, GainX found that:
of projects have up to 150% in hidden costs
of projects are likely to fail outright
of projects never die and are never completed (zombies)
of projects are duplicative


For every 1,000 people, GainX found that:
of emergent teams are not utilised for change
of people are not receiving critical information
of influencers are invisible to management
of key talent is at risk of leaving

“There’s nothing like GainX on the market. For the large global enterprise, it’s the Holy Grail to measure and manage strategic growth.


Revolutionising transformation for global FSI

AI - supporting complex strategy

UK FSI - £3bn at risk, £2bn saved