The Power of AI-Driven Decision Intelligence that Revolutionises the Role of the CIO

We’ve partnered for over 5 years but this year is ground breaking!

Microsoft and GainX combine forces and technology, bringing today’s advanced AI to the forefront, with a sophisticated and beautifully designed solution purposely built for today’s senior CIO’s!

This exclusive event is designed to showcase cutting edge approaches to transformation, cost and risk management; and, to discuss and address the most important challenges we face in our roles, and our markets, today.

18th April, 2023
18:00 – 19:30
Microsoft Offices at 2 Kingdom St, London

Join us 18 April to discover how to smash:

  • delivery obstacles including organisational behaviours that typically add up to millions in productivity and delivery losses such as change resistance, distraction, lack of strategic alignment, and declining productivity.
  • reporting bias and apples to oranges comparisons, the lack of predictive analytics, and inaccurate data sources that are costly to create.
  • consistent or unexpected programme delays, hidden systemic risks and dependencies.

And with your cross industry peers also at the table, you’ll gain insights on how to leverage our combined AI and tech to gain:

  • AI and data led cost controls.
  • The ability to accurately measure and improve alignment to corporate objectives.
  • Insights into the root causes of cost increases, systemic risk, delays…
  • A map and quantification of your information flow and how it creates clay layers, impacts behaviour and delivery, and creates millions in productivity losses and poor performance. 

Gartner, McKinsey, and Bain have all stated that the CIO has one of the most challenging and complex leadership roles today.

We know there are many challenges on your mind. So far, these have been shared with us:

  • How do we track and measure when we’ve hit ROI? How much has it been diluted across our multi-year programmes?
  • How does our silo’d structure impact information flow and associated costs to productivity and risk?
  • We can’t change the siloes overnight – how can we work effectively with what we have today?
  • What are people really working on? Are they really productive? Are some areas healthier than others? Why? What can we do to support our employee base?

Got others? Send them to us in advance or bring them with you. With our collaborative, powerful technology partnership, the leadership around the table, and our shared vision to empower people – we’ve got answers and we’re excited to share them with you!

This event in London is by invitation only as we want to ensure a cross-industry mix at the table. We encourage CIOs and their senior leaders who are looking to unlock the full potential of their data to attend.

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