GainX Platform

What is GainX

Navigate the Future

By triangulating people, project and finance data, GainX instantly offers unmatched visibility on all aspects of company performance, including unprecedented insight into human behaviour – the lead indicator of organisational health during times of change.

GainX is a powerful technology that gives executives relevant, accurate, real-time information needed to see and understand an organisation’s reality. GainX highlights current issues and predicts future problems before expenses spiral.

Disparate data systems, duplicate efforts, changes in productivity, and information blockages stifle growth, cause delay, and hurt investments.

Our technology operates discreetly in the background, giving executives what they need when they need it. No conflicting reporting, no teams of experts, no disruption, minimal resources required.

The People Lens

Organisational behaviour, influencers, isolation, clay layers, sentiment, and productivity – all quantified by GainX with regards to their impact on your ability to change, deliver, and to compete.

The Project Lens

Whether 100 or 100,000 projects and programmes, GainX quickly identifies duplicative work, distracted projects, high risk investments, high level dependencies and much more.

The Financial Lens

Know if your programmes are really delivering according to planned ROI. Get alerts on duplicative work before it costs millions. Be amongst the first global executives using our artificial intelligence to modernise measures of productivity for deep savings and insights.

How it works

Secured on your cloud.
Simple and fast plug in to the GainX platform.
GainX transforms disparate but critical company data into actionable insights, presented in a responsive global dashboard.

Five Principles for Handling Data and Data Privacy

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We work with you to assure that all your data is secure, permissioned controlled and anonymised.



All data is anonymised and compliant with data privacy regulations e.g. GDPR.

Sensitive key words can be excluded when running NLP.



The data is processed in the customers secure environment.

Our platform adheres to Microsoft Security standards.



Analysis goes to the team level, not to individuals.

GainX is a member of the United Nations AI for Good Committee.



GainX is designed to give the customer 100% control of data access & ingestion.

Why GainX

We liberate business leaders

With GainX, business leaders can easily harness the power of critical data flowing through their organisation.

GainX puts Artificial Intelligence into the hands of executives with our dashboards that are exclusively designed for today’s busy leaders.

With GainX, management can realise tens of millions in total cost benefits while receiving actionable insights and recommendations for decision support, in order to navigate today’s complex economy competitively.

AI Solutions for CEOs

Focus30 | Focus90

A 30- or 90-day introduction to GainX, GainX Focus delivers executive dashboards with focused insights, predictions and root cause analysis in select departments, business units, or functions.

GainX AI predicts the outcome of your strategies, your organisation’s network health and capacity to change, and programme failure and overruns. GainX also identifies duplicate work, employee sentiment, productivity changes and predicted cost increases.


GainX Lens provides continuous insights, predictions, productivity trends, and in depth risk profiling across any strategy. GainX can be deployed across the enterprise, or departments, business units, or functions.

GainX surfaces historical trends that have a high likelihood of effecting future capabilities. Our platform applies machine learning across your operational KPI’s and GainX proprietary KPI’s – giving you the most accurate lens into what is happening inside of your organisation today.

GainX Lens Includes GainX Focus Plus: Full access to all features, Root Cause Analysis Deep Dive, AI Recommendations Engine and Actions, and Intellect Light.


GainX Intellect, always sold with Lens, provides advanced predictive capabilities and configurable real-time executive dashboards.

Intellect provides decision modelling for executives to better manage risk and to measure the systemic direct and indirect impacts of their decisions before taking them.