GainX Lens

Executive Decision Intelligence Powered by AI.

Our enterprise software solution, GainX Lens, ingests data across three themes to surface millions in immediate cost savings and to accurately predict future organisational performance. The three themes are communications, projects/employee work, and, financial data.

With our multi-scientific approach, underpinned by anthropology, and combined with the unique triangulation of large disparate data sources, GainX artificial intelligence and machine learning removes the noise and continuously delivers relevant, real-time insights. Components of the GainX dashboards are configurable, allowing executives to prioritise and monitor what is most important to them.

Using Artificial Intelligence, GainX Lens:

  • Quickly identifies duplicate work for immediate cost savings
  • Quantifies how many resources can be consolidated, repositioned, or restructured to create additional capacity
  • Measures the costs and impact of poor strategic alignment
  • Surfaces previously impossible to measure impacts on productivity
  • Predicts the success or failure of any strategy or programme
  • Monitors and quantifies the costs of predicted delays and suggests the root cause
  • Quantifies and categorises organisational behaviour (including influence, distraction, groupthink, and more) against delivery, capacity, costs, and risks
  • Monitors and predicts adoption of technologies, processes, methodologies

Triangulating people, project, and finance data for unmatched visibility on performance

The People Lens

Productivity, isolation, groupthink, sentiment, and organisational behaviour – all quantified by costs and the impact on your ability to change, deliver and compete.

The Project Lens

Whether it’s 100 or 100,000 projects and programmes, GainX quickly identifies duplicative work, distracted projects, high-risk investments, high-level dependencies, predicts if initiatives are going to succeed, fail, over-run, under-run and much more.

The Financial Lens

Know if your programmes are really delivering according to planned ROI. Get alerts on duplicative work before it costs millions. Use our artificial intelligence to modernise measures of productivity for deep savings and insights.

No confidential data ever leaves the customer’s security context. GainX only maintains fully anonymised application metrics.

Multi-Disciplinary and Scientific Approach

Used to Design GainX Proprietary Algorithms.


Social Network Analysis

A math-heavy sociology discipline focused on understanding how networks of people operate.



Systemic understanding of how an organisation actually functions (vs how it says or thinks it functions).


Natural Language Processing

Extracting the information needed to construct a very detailed map of the flow of information in an organisation.


Machine Learning

Combined with SNA and NLP to bring “the network” and the flow of information into predictions, resulting in far greater accuracy.

AI Solutions for The Board and C-Suite

GainX Perform

Focused Insights and Predictions Across a Network of 1000-5000 People

Serving as an introduction to GainX, GainX Perform delivers our executive dashboards with select insights, predictions and root cause analysis in specific departments, business units, or functions.

GainX Lens

Continuous Insights, Predictions and Root Causes Delivered Across a Select Network or Entire Enterprise

GainX Lens includes GainX Focus Plus: Full access to all features and insights, productivity trends, in-depth risk profiling, and AI recommended actions.

GainX Lens surfaces historical trends that have a high likelihood of affecting future capabilities. The platform applies machine learning across your operational KPI’s and GainX proprietary KPI’s – giving you the most accurate lens into what is really happening inside of your organisation.

GainX Six Principles for Handling Data and Data Privacy

GainX Privacy - Green and Orange icon


GainX works closely with clients to ensure full respect for privacy and data protection, with strict data governance mechanisms.

GainX Managing Bias - Green and Orange icon

Managing Bias

GainX employs consistent standards and methodologies when creating our AI including regular checkpoints and oversight for countering and eliminating potential bias.

GainX Transparency - Green and Orange icon


GainX commits that every machine action or decision by the AI platform will be transparent and explainable.

GainX Security - Green and Orange icon


GainX has strict standards which govern the security, access, use, and retention of all data at GainX (data belonging to GainX, customers, and 3rd parties).

GainX Fairness - Green and Orange icon


GainX limits insights and views at the group level, and does not incorporate subjective or demographic data.

GainX Human-in-the-loop - - Green and Orange icon


The GainX system is, by design, human-in-the-loop. The system provides insights that are actioned by a human only.

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