The CIO Superhero: Harnessing the Power of Your Data (Hosted by Microsoft and GainX)

This exclusive event is designed to showcase cutting-edge approaches to transformation, cost, and risk management. Together we will discuss and address the most important challenges we face in our roles, and markets, today.

London – 18 April, 2023
Microsoft Offices at 2 Kingdom St

As the hero who unlocked the modern hybrid workplace the Monday after the world shut down, you have the attention and respect of your colleagues. However, we understand that the complexity of delivering large-scale change across a siloed organisation (with an exhausted workforce) remains a challenge. That is why Microsoft and GainX are joining forces to bring you a unique conversation that combines the leader in productivity, the cutting-edge in decision intelligence, and your CIO peers.

Join us on the 18th of April for a roundtable where we will discuss how to provide you the X-Ray vision you need to propel your organisation forward – in a time where both talent and capital are scarce!

We’re carefully selecting a cross-mix of CIOs from multiple industries to ensure a fruitful discussion and sharing of perspectives. This event is by invitation only, and we encourage CIOs and leaders who are looking to unlock the full potential of their productivity data to attend.

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During this 90-minute event, you’ll have the opportunity to engage in a uniquely focused conversation with other CIOs from multiple industries, as we discuss how to leverage the power of your productivity investments to:

Overcome Delivery Blockers

Drive Alignment to Corporate Objectives

Create a High-Performance Culture

Unlock Your Organisation’s Potential

Gartner, Mckinsey, Bain – all are noting that the CIO role is one of the most challenging and complex today. We know there are many challenges on your mind. With our combined powerful technologies, and our shared visions, this roundtable is an opportunity to discuss and solve them together.

Challenges we are hearing:

  • What cost and risks of our transformation are due to our siloed structure?
  • We can’t change the siloes overnight – how can we work effectively, using AI, with what we have?
  • How do I avoid – and accurately measure – any dilution of original targets and ROI over multi-year programmes?
  • What are people really working on? Are they really productive? Are some areas healthier than others? Why?

What are yours? Feel free to send them to us in advance.

Microsoft and GainX have combined forces and technologies, bringing today’s advanced AI to the forefront, with a sophisticated solution purposely built for today’s CIO’s

Join us 18th April to discover how to smash:

  • delivery obstacles including organisational behaviours such as change resistance, distraction, lack of strategic alignment, or declining productivity.
  • costly reports full of bias, built on historical, inaccurate data sources.
  • consistent or sudden programme delays and hidden systemic risks that are increasing delivery costs and decreasing quality.
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