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Executives using GainX in our New Economy

Surface millions in immediate cost savings and predicted cost increases.
Track changes in productivity including the influence on connected programmes and surrounding groups.
Gain visibility across organisational silos while benefiting from immediate cost savings as GainX often finds tens of millions sterling in duplicate work.
Quickly identify which groups are in clay layers and are not getting the critical information required to perform optimally.
Gain an understanding of both the direct and indirect impacts of decisions before taking them.
Optimise and consolidate resources while managing impact and risk.
Understand the systemic reasons for predicted project failures or overruns before they occur.
Dramatically accelerate adoption of platforms and processes, often by years.
Measure employee behavioural response and sentiment towards change programmes, positive or negative.

What’s Really Going on in Your Organisation?

Client: Office of the CFO

£725M Strategic Budget
Over 5000 People
Nearly 600 Projects

GainX Focus30:

3 Steps, 30 Days, £30K

Step 1: Scope

Define goals, success criteria, & data requirements.

Step 2: Plug-In

Secured on your cloud. Simple & fast plug in to GainX platform.

Step 3: Results

GainX transforms disparate but critical company data into actionable insights, presented in a responsive global dashboard.

No ambitious executive should be without GainX. Its ability to immediately find millions in cost savings and accelerate strategic delivery timelines, often by years, is profound. GainX truly changes how executives can manage their organisation and spend.

C-suite Executive of a Fortune 500 Company

Our CEO Perspective

Pre-pandemic, transformation was incredibly complex, costing £2T a year globally, and increasing year-over-year. Nearly 70% of all transformation efforts failed to achieve targets – that’s a lot of wasted company money and diluted ROI.

In 2021, governments and organisations have more debt than they have had since the world wars, and I don’t think we’ve seen the bottom.

Today, the need to change your business operating models and accelerate transformation is non-negotiable. Moreover, the market demands that transformation be underpinned by cutting costs and driving further efficiencies.

This is exponentially more complex and further increases the chance of failure.

In response to the new challenges executives face in 2021, we’ve made our platform more powerful, more relevant, and much faster.

With GainX Executive Dashboards, leaders can realise tens of millions in total cost benefits while further accelerating change strategies.

GainX is a must-have if you want to effectively navigate the next 3-5 years successfully.

Businesses today must get AI out of the basement and into the hands of their senior leaders. With the incredible advances in AI, design, and networked platforms over the last few years – there is no excuse. The age of the network and AI, the platform, and sophisticated SaaS solutions – is here.