Executives have been stuck in the loop of reactive behaviour to continuous crisis management, impacting strategic decision making. Even before the world was rocked by the pandemic, leaders were unable to focus strategically as internal, customer and market ‘crises’ stole their attention one hour, one day, one week at a time. In this mad loop, they find their view blocked and are forced to spend their days adjusting, pivoting, and reacting to external forces.

Given a 25X acceleration in digital transformation efforts this past year, executives have not been empowered to execute on the job they were hired for. We’ve seen the cost of this in the past decade with record highs in executive turnover. While this speed of digitization has created many positive outcomes for industries – the ability to take ongoing decisions at speed has not advanced. Decisions today are still embedded in gut feel, high risk, and a lack of visibility of systemic impacts across the organisation; in other words, they are often taken under stress, in silos, and amidst the hourly-daily-weekly chaos. 

Cost Savings: A Major Priority for Executives Today  

Today there is immense pressure on executives to transform operating models faster than ever before, navigate the forced explosion of hybrid working models, and create further resilience. Adding to this pressure, Executives are being asked to take costs out, do more with less and keep shareholders happy in our uncertain economy. This is exponentially more complex resulting in some executives living in a state of fear and avoiding introducing further change, while others aggressively search for innovative ways to transform – quickly and cost-effectively.

of C-Suite Executives say their organization’s existence is jeopardized by operating models that can’t keep pace.

of Business Leaders and Decision Makers believe using AI will transform how decisions are made.

Decision Augmentation will surpass all other types of AI initiatives to account for 44% of global AI-derived Business Value by 2030.

The use of AI platforms has jumped from 20% of enterprises in 2020 to nearly 60% in 2021.

AI For Faster, More Accurate Decision Making

It is widely known today that the amount of data hounding executives is impossible for a human to process. Leaders have far too much noise creating additional risk and uncertainty, and leading to costly hidden behaviours in their organisations. It’s time that organisations take AI out of the basement and put it into the hands of senior leaders. AI can turn reactive executives into strategic, forward-thinking, proactive leaders – driving business value today while ensuring resilience for future disruptions.

How AI Can Liberate Leaders In Today’s Uncertain Economy
Executives utilising AI take advantage of faster, more accurate decision making for continuous transformation and growth

What’s Really Going on in Your Organisation? 

One thing covid taught us is to expect the unexpected – but there is more to this than looking for threats in the external environment. Before you can respond effectively to the continuous transformation of our markets (customer, demands, expectations, finding resources etc.), you need to understand what’s actually happening in your organisation. 

If leaders don’t have the visibility into how people work and behave, and how strategic programmes and BAU initiatives really succeed or fail – they end up making decisions with no clear view into the impacts on ROI, effectiveness, and growth. 

The Most Accurate And Powerful Lens Into Complex Global Businesses

Taking an anthropological approach married with multiple sciences including Social Network Analysis, GainX liberates leaders by showing them what is going on inside of their organisation – everything from duplicate work, clay layers, programmes likely to fail or overrun, productivity, sentiment, strategic alignment and more. Designed exclusively for executives, GainX AI provides a global dashboard that predicts the outcome of any strategy, and the organisation’s health and capacity to change. Every insight is quantified – with immediate savings identified, and predictions on future, unexpected cost increases. GainX AI often delivers millions in immediate cost savings while providing assurance in meeting strategic targets and undiluted ROI.

Big changes today require bold leadership—and prioritizing tech. And it’s not just about fixing the business, but upending convention and creating a new vision for the future.


With a clear line of sight into how the organisation functions, seeing above the silos to understand the relational impact that groups and initiatives have on one another, leaders are far more strategic and proactive. With the ability to assess the direct and indirect impacts of decisions before taking them – executives are able to enhance the now, and have their organisation built to conquer future disruptions. 

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