Angelique Mohring CEO and Founder of GainX, an emerging leader in transformation management with AI and machine learning, took to the stage once again as a highlighted speaker at O’Reilly’s Strata Data Conference, in UK from May 21st– 24th 2017.

Now Angelique believes the world has entered a state of digital and economic transformation the like of which we’ve never experienced before and in which we are gravely unprepared. At Strata Data Conference she explored the topic of Using Data flow and Machine Learning to measure real Transformation in culture, capacity, and delivery.

Traditional methods of measuring cultural change, innovation, increases in capacity, and improved delivery capabilities are outdated, creating millions in hidden costs for organizations today.

While digital transformation continues to be a global spend of a $2tr USD annually, financial services are struggling to implement modern tools and methodologies to effectively manage and predict real innovation and internal change. In the meantime, the market and corporate Boards are demanding relevant, accurate transparency on billion-dollar spend programs.

“When taking measure of resource availability, one of the biggest, mistakes FS is making today is measuring progress in isolation. Today, it is all connected!” – Angelique Mohring GainX

Angelique is constantly exploring what information flow means for FS – the advantages and challenges – and how to measure real innovation and cultural transformation through the lens of data flow and non-traditional sources of data, to accelerate both organizational capacity and delivery capabilities. Bombarded with competing priorities and non-negotiable forces of change, an innovation upgrade is critical for meaningful, competitive advantages in the Next Economy.

“GainX see’s into your network like nobody else does.”

Discover how early adopters are using machine learning, data flow, and network design theory to move beyond the constraints of outdated models, metrics and KPIs.

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