GainX, an emerging leader in transformation management with AI and machine learning, Angelique Mohring Founder & CEO had the incredible opportunity of speaking at the Fintech Investor Forum hosted by the London Stock Exchange in the UK.

Angelique, as a prominent figure from the North American Fintech Hub, was chosen to represent North America Fintech industry sector alongside, Jon Prideaux, CEO of Boku. The invitation-only event highlighted, explored and showcased the UK’s strength as a global Fintech hub and covered off many of motiving factors that lead to GainX’s delightful decision to open a head office in UK last year in May 2017.

Not long after this decision, we had the pleasure of becoming one of the twenty companies globally to join the LSEG Elite Program Cohort 7. During the Fintech Forum, Angelique was asked about the Elite Program and the benefits that it has offered GainX, and the growth that GainX has been experiencing with the wonderful support of LSEG program.

“GainX has been part of the program now coming up on six months. The initial reason I wanted to go into the program was to explore all opportunities for the future of GainX. Are we going to be the next unicorn? Are we going to sell to one of the big software companies? Or do we want to do an IPO?” – Angelique Mohring

When asked what was some of the advantages that the LSEG Elite Program gave to Angelique and the GainX company she said, “The value for attracting talent. All of us, regardless of whether or not you are a bank, manufacture or a company like GainX, we all need access to that digital talent. So when you have the kind of visibility that this program can bring, it can help attract some of that top end talent.”

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