In the highly competitive world of global financial services, innovation is a hot button issue. But so too, is accountability for innovation expenditures. Boards today are demanding financial services CEOs demonstrate more visibility and transparency on relevant gains achieved through innovation spend, while executives responsible for driving revenue must assess and measure the balance between risk, compliance, and innovation.

GainX CEO Angelique Mohring recently spoke to the innovation challenges facing financial services industry at Finovate Europe in London UK.

Speaking to a gathering of executives from the UK and Europe with innovation mandates, Angelique unveiled how using machine learning and artificial intelligence, the GainX platform can power intellect and open thinking to help financial services commercialize and transform culture together to drive real business results.

“We are on a mission to help FSIs break through the clay layer that heaves itself up every time new ideas or information is trying to flow across the company and brings them down into the cemetery of ever-growing ideas,” said Angelique.

“Today you can’t innovate without transforming, and you can’t transform without innovating. Regardless of any FSI’s starting point, with GainX, you can now map the flow of thinking within the organization, predict and find that clay layer, and shake it up to accelerate information and idea flow across your organization.”

View Angelique’s full Finovate presentation below:

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