UK FSI – £3bn at risk, £2bn saved

Delays, duplication and isolated talent – identifying major risks within FSI transformation


Who & Where

One of the largest banks in the UK, and no stranger to transformation, our client sought to lead during a wave of heavy industry disruption by igniting the power of their data.

GainX quickly aggregated the bank’s disparate data, replacing obsolete and legacy measures with predictive risk management, relevant KPIs, and strategic decision support.

The institution requested such insights as:

  • Which resources have the greatest positive impact on change and program success?
  • Which projects are likely to fail, why, and how can they be saved?
  • Where are the costly process delays?
  • Where is there a cultural resistance to change?
£ 3bn

GainX Rapidly Revealed


in duplicative work

We pinpointed the resources and processes most requiring optimisation.


cancellation rate

When between 4 and 12 months old a full 50% of all projects were cancelled, regardless of start date, budget, resources or strategic alignment.


more capacity

Intra-organisational influencers were identified, creating potential for a substantial 25% increase in programme adoption.


at immediate risk

Due to isolation and information bottlenecks, effective collaboration and delivery was hindered, creating costly delays and mistakes, and prompting high talent turnover.

a Risk / a Catalyst

GainX identified one high-performing project team that was a potential catalyst – and a potential risk.   Despite having just 10 employees, significantly smaller than the average, this one project team was unexpectedly 375% more connected than any other team or program.

This small team had the potential to be a powerful catalyst for change within the organisation. If however frustrations and failures led to losing this key talent, it would have alarming impacts on the majority of the £3bn portfolio.

Understanding of the current risk, where legacy processes were creating millions in losses – this FSI was set up to save over £2bn in spend

The Outcome

Our customer now had an understanding of the current risk, where and why projects were likely to fail, where legacy processes were creating millions in losses, and why key talent was highly isolated. As a result, this FSI was set up to save over £2bn in spend.

Since receiving impactful GainX insights and recommendations, the institution has continued to engage with us, expanding and applying our technology into other business units and departments.