AI – supporting complex strategy



and more change initiatives are seriously delayed, costing millions in unmitigated risk and poor resource optimisation.


of organisations’ resources are typically sitting inside a clay layer (where critical information gets stuck).

GainX software solves one of today’s most pressing challenges: how to successfully implement organisational change in a faster, measured, and controlled way

GainX offers unprecedented decision support through interactive executive dashboards, saving you hundreds of millions across your transformation programmes


For every 1,000 projects, GainX found that:
of projects have up to 150% in hidden costs
of projects are likely to fail outright
of projects never die and are never completed (zombies)
of projects are duplicative


For every 1,000 people, GainX found that:
of emergent teams are not utilised for change
of people are not receiving critical information
of influencers are invisible to management
of key talent is at risk of leaving

Why GainX


Immediate visibility into the metrics that matter to you. Confidently drive initiatives with data-based decision support.


GainX triangulates the data accross your people, projects and finance giving you unprecedented acuracy.


No more struggling with disparate and obsolete data. See the insights you need when you need them.