GainX patented software solutions leverage AI technology and advanced network design theory to provide intuitive tools and dashboards designed to manage multi-million strategic portfolios, global transformation, and exceptional regulatory & corporate governance.

We believe the world has entered a state of digital and economic transformation the likes of which we’ve never experienced before—and for which we are gravely unprepared.

Angelique Mohring’s 25 years of experience as an anthropologist and bio-archaeologist, a Fortune500 consultant, and a technology executive have given her a deep understanding of how organizations must drive sustainable growth through transformation. Angelique joined forces with tech guru, Malcolm van Raalte (cofounder/CTO), in 2014 to create an award winning, world-class platform to help global corporations sustain growth and successfully navigate the future.


Angelique Mohring

Angelique Mohring
Chief Executive Officer

Malcolm van Raalte

Malcolm van Raalte
CTO, VP Products
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