GainX was founded in 2012 by Angelique Mohring, a former technology executive and global change agent, who has worked with Fortune50s and Global1000’s for over two decades. She has helped organizations save hundreds of millions of dollars by preventing “Innovation Drag™” while attaining exceptional ROI on their innovation spend. Wanting to help more than one global company at a time, Angelique joined forces with Malcolm van Raalte (cofounder/CTO) in 2013 to create an award winning, world-class Innovation Strategy Management technology platform.


Angelique Mohring

Angelique Mohring
Chief Executive Officer

Malcolm van Raalte

Malcolm van Raalte
CTO, VP Products

Giving Back

When our customers innovate with us, our communities gain in many ways.

When business, charity and innovation meet – magic happens.
GainX has committed that for every dedicated enterprise customer we have  we’ll donate our Innovation Management solutions to a charity of their choice. When business innovates – the world benefits. When charities innovate – people benefit.