GainX CEO Helps Financial Executives at Finovate Europe

GainX CEO Angelique Mohring Helps Financial Executives at Finovate Europe Shake Up the Clay layers that Stifle InnovationIn the highly competitive world of global financial services, innovation is a hot

GainX Selected to Join Prestigious Microsoft Accelerator London

GainX Join's Prestigious Microsoft Accelerator LondonMarch 4, 2017 - Waterloo ON and London UK - GainX has been selected to join the prestigious Microsoft Accelerator London, gaining acceptance to a

Beyond Vanity Metrics

Why Innovating Organizations Need to Put the Focus on Measurable Business Returns.How do organizations transition from pockets of innovation to a place where innovation is a core competence? Earlier this

Our CEO Joins PWC Canada Judging Panel

Angelique Mohring Joins PWC Canada Vision to Reality Innovator of the Year Award Judging PanelWhen it comes to understanding and highlighting what it takes to be a top innovator, there’s

Meet GainX Advisor: Alistair Croll

Alistair Croll- Our Right Hand ManAs we build our brand and market share as a disruptive force for innovation strategy management, we are fortunate to have key advisors to guide

From London to Panama- GainX CEO Angelique Mohring Takes Off.

THE BUSINESS OF DISRUPTIONFrom Toronto, to London to Panama, GainX CEO Angelique Mohring is talking “innovation strategy management” February will be a hectic month for GainX CEO Angelique Mohring, as

Meet The Software Startup Which Helps Big Companies Wring More Return From Innovation

Companies Spend A lot On Innovation. How Do They Know If It's Paying Off? "Every big company talks about innovation, and how to get more out of it. But tracking

How GainX Is Helping Big Business Tackle Innovation – Podcast

"Angelique your secret sauce as a CEO is you make the complex, simple and actionable." - Todd Uterstaedt Host of 'From Founder to CEO' Podcast PODCAST SUMMARY:'From Founders to CEO'

GainX Benchmark Study Uncovers an Innovation Gap in Canadian Financial Services Sector

Benchmark Study Uncovers an Innovation Gap in Canadian Financial Services SectorNovember 21, 2016 - Toronto ON – Innovation may be a top priority among Canadian financial services executives, but a

Finovate & Tragically Hip Inspiration

Finovate & Tragically Hip Inspiration "Finovate generated hockey-stick-like interest in GainX and it’s simply one of the best-run events I’ve been to in the last 20 years." Heading to Finovate.